‘Lest We Forget’ 

Acrylic on watercolour paper, 2021

Stephen has chosen words that will help him remember the way PM Johnson and his cabinet have dealt with the pandemic. Stephen was concerned that the vaccine rollout would make people forget what he sees as the human cost of the inept and bungling response from No. 10 Downing Street. This work is dedicated to his close friend, Philip, who died of Covid on 23 March last year – the first day of the lockdown.

Stephen’s work is centred around text. He has made a living from bespoke lettering for publishers but his range has always been much wider. He designs coins for the Royal Mint, hasdesigned the new pipe organ case for the Cathedral and his paintings have been exhibited in the UK, Europe and the USA. 

Who are your pandemic heroes?

The artist Stephen Raw is asking people in Old Trafford to send in names of those who, during the Covid 19 pandemic, have been for them heroes.

You can: 

>>Write it on a postcard outside the studio and post through the door

>>use #OTpandemicheros and post on social media

>>email: hello@otcreativespace.co.uk 

>>text / WhatsApp: 07823 504 223

Stephen will then use some of these names in a new artwork—a follow-up to his ‘Lest We Forget’ painting here on show in the window.

Stephen Raw at his Studio on Ayres Road underneath St Johns Church

Breaking news:

Old Trafford will become the home of the world’s first gallery – of rust!!

On 29th April, Stephen is launching 

‘Rust: The Art Gallery’

A link for tickets for this Zoom event will be available on the otcreativespace.co.uk 

website soon and will cost £2 – deductable from the price 

of the accompanying book: 

‘Where Ferrous Metal Meets Air and Water’