OT creative SPACE brings you a day of painting in the park with your loved ones, alongside a professional Landscape artist Bill Tolly (www.billtollyart.co.uk)

What Happened at Arty in the park….

A BIG Thank you to all who came to our First Arty in the park, it was so much fun and so many fabulous paintings were made. Take a look at the slide show below:

Bill Tolly; Landscape Artist was live painting, giving demonstrations and helping out with, tips, pointers and feedback for all painting.

Landscapes by Bill Tolly

We still have a few bags left so call into the studo or send us a message if you would like to purchase one.


Don’t worry if you don’t have any materials, we have exclusive OTCS Art Bags available for you to purchase for just £25 ( subsidised packs are also available if needed) With enough Materials for a whole family or group of four friend to get painting on canvas.

Included in the Art Bag:

2 Canvas’, 2 Canvas Boards ,2 Easel Stands,1 Paper cloth,1 Canvas Paper sketch pad,12 Acrylic Paints, Canvas Bag, 5 Paint Brushes, Paint palette, cups and a water bottle. Perfect for a family/group of 4.

Pack your picnic and come and collect your Art Bag to set up your Arty station in Hullard Park.

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