We have been delighted to host Nancy Zerbo for a two week Residency at OT creative SPACE as an award she received form The University of Bolton Fine Art department after she Graduated in Summer 2021. Here is an account of her time with us :

“I spent two weeks at OT Creative Space performing my residency and was enthralled by the huge welcoming inspiring energy of the Visual Artist, Community Activist, and founding Director Lynda Sterling, the art educator Darren Tolliday and Volunteers like Kaius and the whole pleasant community of Old Trafford.

When you are in the studio you can breathe their values, which means you can see for real that the mission is to see a happy and cohesive Old Trafford community participating in a variety of creative activities with plenty of opportunities to fulfil artistic potential.

During my residency, I worked in the Window through installation, video, and performance, as well as two collaborative workshops that contributed to the changing window.

The first workshop was an interactive community project using a natural weaving loom and the second activity was a swinging pendulum painting community engagement. This experience was very worthwhile for me first and foremost for the human exchange, I had the opportunity to work with a larger audience and improve my confidence, and I also met a new community of artists with whom I will most likely collaborate in the near future, as well as re-collaborate with Lynda on a new project once funding has been secured.

I strongly advise all artists to participate in this extremely educational philanthropist creative space.”

Nancy Zerbo October 2021

View the video documentation of the two community art workshops below.

View more of Nancy Zerbo’s work on her instagram account.

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