We are incredibly pleased to be displaying work by TWO Artists in our Window exhibition space with a musical theme. In the centre are the handcrafted twowood guitars framed by two portraits by Rose de la Font of Ella Fitzgerald and Nina Simone.

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Twowood Guitars

Daniel Kierczuk , one of our resident Artists, of twowood guitars displays his handcrafted wooden guitars alongside an amp. Sculptural pieces in themselves, they not only look good but are designed from the ground up to offer the maximum sustain needed to allow the harmonics and blooming overtones of the legendary paf humbucker to be heard alongside, or even mixed with, the roosty, woody tone of a neck position single coil.

Twowood Guitars

As well as bespoke handcrafted guitars twowood guitars also offer repair and services to guitars and amps from the studio, (currently collection and drop off from the door due to lockdown restrictions).

Get in touch twowoodguitars@gmail.com 07414263627 #twowood Instagram@twowoodguitars

Rose de la Font

Rose loves painting her musical heroes in vivid colours and visual styles to emulate their sonic energy: Nina Simone and Ella Fitzgerald were both magisterial pioneers of the jazz scene in their own right. Rose is herself a singer, music editor and choir director as well as painter. Her other inspirations are graffiti art, instagram and her grandma.

Ella Fitzgerald by Rosa de la Font
Nina Simone by Rosa de la Font

When she is not singing, painting or teaching Rose enjoys excessively milk coffees, almost buying bike accessories, and fantasising about her future cats names 9 suggestions welcome): so far its between Oblomov, Tadzi and Alan.

Rose de la Fonts paintings are for sale, price on request, please contact info@ilikesinging.com

instagram: @RosedelaFont website www.ilikesinging.com

If you would like to display you work in the window please register as an Artist on our website here and then send a message or email to hello@otcreativespace.co.uk