Currently on Display in The Window are items and Artwork created by The Gift Shop Project framed by window drawings by Sam Owen Hull.

The Gift Shop Project, based at 42nd street, has been working with 13 – 25yr olds across Trafford to produce handmade products to be exhibited and sold across Greater Manchester.

So far they have made over £1000 for the artists and the groups involved in the project.

Each group has worked with a local artist to create these beautiful designs, and whilst creating they have also discussed well-being and tried to integrate those feelings into the products..

Groups worked with include

Transitions Project
Gorse Hill Studio’s
Trafford Youth Forum
Proud Trust
Butterfly Group x2
Moss Studio and Store
St John Vianney School
Trafford Young Carers
Collaborate Women

Artists involved in the project are

Lubna Ali @lubna_li Ambrin Howell @Littlemissmidas Jessie Fretwell @needlewomanjess Sally Gilford @sally_gilford. Oliver Stanion@moss_studio_store Tasha Whittle @tasha_whittle Caroline Boyd @boyohboydesigns Lizzie Rose @Lizzierosedeisgn Sam Owen Hull @SamowenHull

Whats next for the Gift Shop Project??

New sessions starting in February
One on one sessions with an artist to develop your practice
Etsy Shop
Photography competition
Final exhibition in April

If you would like more information and are interested in participating please get in touch email: