We are pleased to present two of our Studio Artists work in our Window ; –Donna Michelle Griffith and Mona Malek. Both Artists work with a focus on colour in an Abstract style but in completely different mediums; Inks and Resin.

All items are for sale, please contact the Artists directly via their instagram pages to make enquires.

Conversations Over Dinner

Donna Michelle Griffith

Conversations over Dinner – Screen print series – Donna Michelle Griffith

A series of screen prints; Red pea soup, chicken and rice, Jerk chicken, Lasagna, – inspired by the Artists daily teatime meals and conversations with her daughters.

“Conversations over Dinner; you know when you’re stuck in the house with two kids, it’s not always possible to speak to anybody else so Dinner time is when we like to sit down, ask how was your day, what have you been up to, so the girls inspired it really”

Creating the prints in her hallway at home whilst her daughters were in bed , she used a broken screen and any ink she could get her hands on to mix up the sumptuous colours seen in their daily dinners. She uses the screen as an extension of her body, the physical process integral to the final piece.

The prints are a visual representation and out working creation of those meals times, evoking emotions and stimulating the visual senses. The bold colours of the red kidney beans, coconut ,tomatoes, ginger, thyme, onion visible here and often found in the beginning of most dinners. Then there’s the addition of new layers; scotch bonnet paste or just Italian seasoning because she loves Italian food with a twist. So good you can almost taste the food.

“they’re just me being a foodie and a creator at the same time, it’s just like being in the conversation with myself as a visual thinker”

See more of Donna Michelle Griffith’s work on instagram @iprint-donmigri

Malux Art Collection

Mona Malek

Mona Malek uses Resin as a medium to express her feelings and thoughts through the movement and ‘dance’ of the colours, finding that patience brings beauty and fulfilment at the end when the right colours and textures have been brought together.

“Resin art is where art and uniqueness merge with functionality and luxury become affordable”

She creates Bespoke Resin Pieces that are sold internationally . All items priced between £6-£20. To purchase items or see more of her work please head to her Instagram @maluxartcollection