Azariah France-Williams

is a poet, a priest, and a writer. 

He is a visual thinker and prefers 

to operate outside of the box. He

loves finding and creating stories, 

whether written, sung, spoken, 

drawn, or filmed.

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Suffer not alone

Suffer not alone, my beloved.

When the world’s on your shoulders 

And your feet are treading air,

Descend to the ground of our love.

Search for us. We await in the 

request you are yet to voice.

We hide behind the smile of the one 

reaching out an open palm.

Our power through you can 

not only lift your world, 

but revolve it with bliss. .

Your former burden, now a spinning top 

delighting onlookers, 

inviting the tribe yet unknown to the dance, so,

beloved, suffer not alone.

Ade the Griot