A Selection Of Oil paintings by Debbie Ingham.

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We are delighted to be showing some of Debra Inghams Artworks in the window. Beautiful Oil Paintings that transport you straight to the locations and invite you to dive in and experience the power of Art.

A bit about the Artist:

I’m in my early 60’s and I’m a self taught artist but a late starter. 

From an early age in my school days I was always interested in art and pottery. I was often selected to decorate the halls and corridors of Whalley Range high school during Christmas and Easter etc but after leaving school I didn’t really get into artwork except the odd painting I did with my children but I mainly worked and devoted my time to my three children supporting them in their hobbies and interests and school work although I could never resist colouring in with crayons with them! 

So my journey started in my forties when I found myself at home not working due to ill health and I was very depressed and my niece who is a fine art student came to see me and told me she was going to bring me some oil paints etc to have a go with and take my mind off the pain I was feeling Etc so it began …. I was hooked …I found myself spending hours mixing and blending paints and just basically putting paint on canvas cloth and painting trees etc. My interest grew and I started going online looking at other artists and watching tutorials for hours, I was fascinated with clouds and sky’s and then I found Bob Ross !!!  Yes I watched endless videos of him making happy mistakes and soon learnt some basic techniques. 

I started by copying some photos I’d taken of sunsets in Barbados and other holiday snaps and then got into it more and more! Soon people started asking me to paint a special photo in oils of their honeymoon destination or a sunset in Jamaica which they watched whilst on holiday! 

I then tried painting portraits of footballers or musicians and I struggle with face features and size etc but I guess that’s not having any training so I’m making happy mistakes but I’ve not given up yet in that area! 

I tried tonalism  using three or four basic colours and a rag and I enjoy that technique but I love painting landscapes the most and clouds and skies etc. and now trees. 

I’m still learning everyday and still watch tutorials of artists on YouTube picking up ideas and techniques and perfecting my shadows and I know now you have to have light and dark and reflection.  

I’m honoured you have asked me to show some of my artwork and I’m so happy it’s in Old Trafford as I brought my 3 children up here singlehanded and it holds a special place in my heart. 

A Bit About the Paintings:

A Whistler Sunset 

100cm x 50cm Painted with oil paints on canvas. In 2009 my son was given the opportunity to travel to Vancouver to play football and whilst there they took some amazing photos, one of them was this one of a sunset at Whistler  , I loved the way it was minimalistic but very affective. The colours are beautiful and I enjoyed painting this one.


Autumn trees

painted in oils on a 20 x 24 Inch boxed canvas. Autumn is my favourite time of year, I love the colours of the leaves and how they fall from the branches on the trees gathering in pools on the ground under the trees before been blown away by the wind. The old rickety fence /gate Is beyond repair ! I imagine walking my dog with my hat and scarf on kicking the leaves up while my dog drags and old twig !! image/jpeg

Morning Sunrise

Painted in oils on a 20 x24 inch canvas.I started layering the canvas with different blue oils leaving a space where the sunrise was , I started with the clouds and sky using reds and browns and then came onto the grass areas with different greens and yellows . The tree I painted over a few days layering the trunk then eventually adding the foliage . I’d like to wake up looking out of a window and see this! image/jpeg

My Chattel House in Barbados.

Painted in oils on a 20 x 24 inch canvas.I’ve seen so many Chattel houses in Barbados, they are all different In bright colours and styles. I based this one on the ones I saw in Holetown near the beach in bright pink and what was surprising is that the old chattel houses were situated right next door to luxury apartments. You can always find a pathway right next to the little houses that lead you to a beautiful beach. I look on this and think of paradise! 


My Quiet Place to Reflect…. and chill out 

Painted in oils on a 12 x16 inch canvas. I imagine stumbling across a place like this whilst wandering through woodlands I painted this from my imagination, practicing my trees! 


Dorian Sky

100cm x 100cm Painted with oils on canvas. On the 28th August 2019 as tropical storm Dorian approached Barbados 🇧🇧 I was checking on my children’s fathers family who live there. I noticed many people were sharing photos of the Sky has the hurricane passed the island. I was taken back how beautiful the sky looked and the colours were spectacular changing from yellow, to bright orange then red and then to rich purple, it was one of the richest sunsets I have ever witnessed on the island . Luckily a resident captured this and shared the photo which I asked permission to paint it as it was very beautiful yet veryimage/jpeg

The Boyz with no faces

25.5cm x 31cm Painted with oils on canvas. I actually based this painting on my two young grandsons. I agreed not to upload or post any photos of the grandchildren on social media for safety reasons so I painted the boyz with no faces instead!! Anyone who knows me knows these are my grandsons …. or can be anyone’s grandsons / sons etc


The little pink house in Bathsheba Barbados. 

Painted in oils 20 x 24 inch canvasThe remains of this Old pink house can be found on a rock in Bathsheba in Barbados I have many special memories of this as our family and friends visited here when we were in Barbados for my sons wedding and I have photos of the children sat on those steps! I enjoyed painting this and trying to get the colours of the sea as it was during our visit there.