A collection of Diamond Art by Precious Thompson 

I’m in my early 50’s and Diamond Art has allowed me to capture beautiful, precious memories or personalised photos in colour or Black and White Diamond Art Crystals.

All my life I have lived and worked around Whalley Range, Moss side and Hulme with Vulnerable young people who have special educational needs.  My Diamond Art Journey began during Lockdown when we all found ourselves unable to leave our homes, socialise or work.  I had to find something to occupy my time and keep me sane during lockdown. Then I came across custom diamond art that allows me to use my favourite personal, memorable photos and transform them into blinging sparkling memories lasting forever. 

Diamond art will transform any room in your home, office or establishment,  making it unique to each individual or place. My art allows you to use your own personal photos in a way that brings them to life and is personal to you. 

Each diamond is carefully placed on one at a time onto the photo canvas until completion. Done with love, and much creative pleasure!!

 Give your cherished photos the sparkle they deserve. 

Immortalise your memories in Diamond Crystal Art, the extra bling to make your pictures ping!

For sales or commissions please contact the Artist via email: sarafina35@msn.com  

  1. Girls Trip size, 40cm by 40cm 

Girls Trip Holiday in Barbados taken in 2019 with the girls. I will always remember the laughter of this day, especially as I don’t normally like having pictures taken of myself. This took 8-9 weeks to complete. 

  1. Chilling size, 40cm by 40cm

This piece follows on from the first, chilling without a care in the world on holiday in Barbados with the girls on Maxwell Coast in Christ Church. This also took 8-9 weeks to complete.

  1. My Niece, size 40cm by 50cm

This piece of my Niece is vibrant and has lots of detailing.  It was a surprise for her Birthday last year as she had helped me out alot  so I wanted to do something in return. I used a picture that she had posted of herself on Whatsapp.

This took me the longest time to do due to the detailing of each strand of her curly hair, skin tone and the size of the work.  I enjoyed every minute of doing this as it was for my niece.

 This picture took approximately 8 weeks to complete and it was worth it just to see the look on my niece’s face. 

  1. Sandy- red nose pitbull, size 40cm by 30cm

Sandy was my sister’s red nose pitbull who sadly passed away in November 2020 aged 16 years. Sandy belonged to my younger sister but I had a very special relationship with her.  Sandy was playful and very obedient and loved other animals.  She was a gentle soul with a big personality and her character was more loving and loyal than any human I’ve ever met!!  I love and miss her so much.

This picture shows Sandy sulking because I wouldn’t give her her favourite treat ( pigs ears) as I was under orders of my sis; no pigs ears! Lol! This took approximately 4 weeks to complete. 

  1. Love thy Neighbour size 40cm by 45cm.  

 This picture I made for my neighbour who at the time was going through some difficulties about 2yrs ago, just before we went into lockdown.  Her husband has a long term health condition and he was hospitalized for about 2 months which took a big toll on the whole family in early 2019.

This picture is of their grandchildren who were unable to see them for a short while until his health improved.  

Then when we went into lockdown it made it even more difficult for them to see their grandchildren.

So doing this picture for them was an absolute pleasure and worth it when I saw her tears streaming down her face and her husband’s big smile:-) This piece took approximately 4-5 weeks

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