OBI Designs in The Window at OT creative SPACE

Their ‘Urban Coat Collection’ was launched at African Fashion Week London 2017. Aimed at bringing a splash of colour and a brand of culture, the designers showcased a vibrant line up of bespoke, unique garments. Their collection caught the attention of the New African Woman magazine and the coats are now immensely popular and a ‘must have’  in any wardrobe.

POP UP SHOP Saturday 10th July 10am-3pm

Come and meet the designer and see or  purchase more garments, bags and jewellery from OBI Designs in the Studio on Saturday 10th July 10-3pm

See more of OBI Designs Garments on Etsy or call 07541658361 for more information and prices.

Take a look at OBI Designs on the Catwalk at African Fashion Week 2017

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