During January 2021 we ran a series of Creative workshops online with the peer support group of Girls from OUT THERE. The focus was to create opportunities for the girls to express their feelings, reflect on themselves, build each other up and have some fun creating Artwork that represented their character, personality and uniqueness.

We experimented with marbling and then created Journals that they could all work in over the weeks of the creative workshops. We worked on collage, scrapbooking, creative writing and poster making.

“Yesterday we held session 1 of 3 of our peer support Art project. We experimented with marbling and created our own journals to work in over the next few weeks. We got very messy! But lots of laughs, chatting and young people engaging so positively”

Then in May 2021 we were able to Host an in person workshop for the girls group at The OT creative SPACE Studio. They produced fabulous paintings expressing themselves through colour which they adapted with collage to create these beautiful images, which are now on display in The Window.

We are delighted to Display this fantastic Artwork and are very proud of what all the girls have achieved.

“Our peer support group for girls enjoyed a fun afternoon of art at the @OTcreativeSPACE studios yesterday. The girls used colours to reflect their feelings, and meaningful words personal to them 🎨 Thanks to @calmcic for funding the session as part of the #RESET21 project.”


Out There is a registered charity providing emotional and practical support for families of prisoners in Greater Manchester. www.outtherecharity.org

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