We are delighted to present this exhibition especially for the Bank Holiday Weekend:


Drawing Out OT: OT Creative Voices and Monday Women’s Day with Clay Workshops
Plus “OUT THERE” Clay Planters created in their Workshop are all included within the “It’s All Gone To Pot” Exhibition 27/08/21 – 31/08/21

During the months of July-August 2021, I had the pleasure of facilitating some clay mindfulness workshops at OTCS.
The participants; men, woman and child were of a mixed age group, background and predominantly from the Old Trafford local community.

The brief was simple. To create a strong pot/planter using the coil method with non toxic air drying clay. The results have been amazing. The level of creativity, skill and detail has brought forth more interest in future Clay workshops.

I am proud of everyone who took part and most of all proud of their achievements whilst at OTCS.

I’d personally like to thank everyone who took part in the workshops and invite you to come and view the exhibition in “the window” and more importantly to collect your pots from the studio from 4pm on 31/08/21.

Michelle Griffith – OTCS Director and Multi Disciplinary Artist

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