A Selection of Paintings By Spencer Turner

We are delighted to display a selection of Spencer Turner’s paintings in the window at OT creative SPACE.

Spencer Turner’s practice is a mixture of impressionism and expressionism. He runs the full gamut of abstract, surreal, landscape, portrait, cityscape, animals and sometimes a humorous take on life. Turner absolutely loves colour and exploring different mediums. 

Turner is based in Rochdale and is a member of Art and Soul, where he practices his art in a safe environment amongst people who have a shared passion for creating and supporting their mental health with the arts.

The pieces on display best sum up Turner’s practice and represent his distinctive style. Exploring concepts such as the circle of life in “A matter of life and death” and the beauty of nature in all its forms through “Blossom”. “Are you looking at me?” is his first Oil Painting.

“Beating the blues” –  acrylics on canvas – (w)49.5 x (h)69.5cm

“A matter of life and death” –  acrylics on canvas – (w)90 x (h)59.5cm

“Are you looking at me?” – oils on board – (w)40.5 x (h)30.5cm

“Blossom” – acrylics on canvas – (w)59.5 x (h)89.5cm

Supported by Cartwheel Arts. See their website here: https://www.cartwheelarts.org.uk/

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