I joined the studio in May 2021. I needed to address the fact that not practising art was making me feel like I was calcifying. I wanted to be held accountable.

The studio is also part of why I moved to Old Trafford- to establish myself with new people, make my own relationship with the city-beyond kids and work and friends – connect with my local community. That’s important to me, being part of something beyond my own experience.

I read a great thing about not labelling what you do instead to just ‘keep looking, for a long time’. Explore. Sit with the unknown. Don’t be limited by productivity or making money. I’m aware it’s a privilege to be in that position, to have the time and funds to just explore and I’ve got a responsibility not to waste that.

Do the drawing. Flex the muscles. Step into a space.

Alex works primarily in pencil and ink. Making illustrations for cards, prints and riso graphs. Her work fousses on human faces, hands and thoughts. She also accepts commissions for human and pet portraits.

When Alex isn’t at the studio she is working at an SEN primary school as an arts coordinator : using art as a tool for building communication and trust. She also volunteers with Venture Arts, Hulme (covid willing) and is a mother to two small humans.

Follow her Instagram @draw_from_this or send her an email alexandralevene@hotmail.com

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