Alexandra Levene Illustrator

Alex is a resident artist at OT creative SPACE. Her collection of work primarily focuses on human faces, thoughts and the female experience: exploring gender and existing on a periphery. She uses pencil and ink to make cards, prints and risographs.

Working from photographs she also accepts commissions for human and pet pencil portraits – just in time for the perfect Christmas present! Book yours now, get in touch :

Follow her on Instagram and Facebook at @draw_from_this or send her an email

Prices : 

Commissioned pencil portraits £30 individual / £50 double

A2 framed risoprint £40

A3 framed risoprints £35

A4 framed linoprint £25

A5 framed risoprint £12

A5 unframed risoprint £8

A5 Handrawn framed artwork £40

A5 Handrawn sketches £20

Cards £3 each or 4 £10

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